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Fire Sleeves

The Intumescent Duct Sleeve are intended for use where a ventilation duct passes through a fire rated wall. The sleeve maintains the integrity of the fire rated wall which would otherwise be lost. In the event of a fire, the advanced Duct Sleeve will expand with the heat, crushing the duct and closing off the hole to the fire for at least 120 minutes except the 220x90mm version which is rated 60mins. The Ventilation duct sleeves are available to fit all common sizes of plastic ventilation duct and are suitable for retro fitting with access only required from one side.

The Low Profile Duct Sleeves maintain the integrity of fire rated walls penetrated by plastic ventilation ducts. The Low Profile sleeves have been independently fire tested to BS EN 1366-3 in a full scale partition system with Uncapped/Uncapped pipe/duct end configuration as required for ventilation systems and assessed for use in series around multiple duct penetrations.

Protect a wide range of plastic and metal pipes. A high percentage of the steel, copper and plastic pipes found in commercial and domestic buildings will penetrate through fire rated constructions such as ceilings, floors and walls. Once a hole is made in a fire rated construction for the passage of pipes or services the integrity of the compartment is compromised. To solve this problem the Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve, which reinstates the fire rating of the construction and prevents fire spreading from one compartment to another. It also protects copper pipes from cement erosion.

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