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Passive Fire Protection is part of the Stormflame Group that has been online since 2001, selling quality products used by professional installers to maintain and upgrade buildings - particularly schools, HMO's and public buildings. Click here to go to With our Head office and 30,000 Square foot distribution centre close to Southampton we have many years of experience in the passive fire protection, safety and construction products market.

As a major supplier of high-end fire and safety protection systems we keep up to-date with the latest and new product innovations, we will be pleased to discuss your construction project needs. 

All Payments are secured by PayPal, WorldPay or ClearAccept and all the shops are phone friendly making it easy to 'shop from site' if you need to. Keep up to date with new products, updates and bookmark our website:

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Shop for a range of passive fire products, door finger guards, safety products, door and window seals, lighting protection, mastic and foams, anti-graffiti products & interlocking floor tiles. Top brands include Astroflame, Astrodraft, Raven, Lorient, Schlegel, Stormguard and many more.

Our range covers;

Fire pipe collars, fire pipe wraps, thermal fire sleeves, fire pillows, duct sleeves, fire rated mortar, putty pads, fire boards, high pressure expansion sealant, fire rated mastic, weather seals, door seals, window seals, threshold plates, thermal and acoustic seals, corner guard wall protection, window restrictors, finger guards, light protection, fire proof paints, coatings and garage, workshop and warehouse interlocking floor tiles.

We have launched a number of UKCA, CE marked European Technical Approval fire stopping products to further develop and strengthen our range of testing alongside UL-EU and Certfire approvals in conjunction with our existing BS (British Standards) and EN (European Standards) testing carried out by approved laboratories such as Warrington Fire Exova and IFC.

Astroflame products ISO 9001:2015
Testing and Certification is a continuous area of development for intumescent and updates are added to the web site continually bringing more products under new certification and increasing the scope and parameters of use.

The Astroflame (Fire Seals) products on any of these websites are ISO 9001:2015 Approved quality management system. 


The Stormflame group have various websites dedicated to single product lines:

Fire Stopping Products : |

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We offer a comprehensive range of intumescent or fire rated passive fire stopping products for use in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, ducts and other fire rated compartmentation structures for fire, air permeability, water permeability, acoustic isolation and structural movement. Our products form a vital and paramount part of a building's infrastructure helping to defend property against the spread of fire and restrict the passage of smoke around the building giving people time to escape and reducing property damage.

Door Finger Guards & Safety Products : | 

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Protect users from door finger trapping accidents and shop online for a wide range of finger guard styles, colours and materials. To order, and subject to volumes, we can supply infection control versions or provide RAL colour matching of some guard models. For lower risk and lower traffic doors we have budget priced finger guards through to heavier duty models and top-of-the-range products combining durability with designer style for use in prestigious and busy areas. We also stock a range of safety, protection products ranging from corner guard - safety padding, window restrictors to interlocking tiles to protect your floor space or a solution that offers safety, cleanliness, absorbs shock and noise for a fast-paced environment. 

Draft Proofing :

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We supply weather seals, draught seals, acoustic seals, fire seals and smoke seals for aluminium, uPVC and timber framed doors and windows including many multipurpose type seals e.g. combined acoustic and smoke seals. We also supply Raven low-profile threshold plates, suitable for wheelchair access, and matching door seals. offer the following branded products by RAVEN, Schlegel, Stormguard and Astrodraft. 

Astrodraft - A range of door seals and window seals for common applications to weatherproof, draughtproof, conserve energy and reduce intrusive noise.
Raven door seals do more than weatherproof doors and the quality is excellent. Many door seals in the Raven range are multipurpose so that the needs of Building Regulations for fire control, energy saving and mobility (Approved Documents B, E and M) can be met with a single seal or combination of seals and threshold plates.
Schlegel are market leaders in perimeter sealing technology and manufacture high quality and innovative door and window seals. Schlegel seals comply with all relevant British Standards performance standards and are designed to last.
Stormguard - Good quality, functional, cost effective products and services and commitment to our customers. Stormgaurd has investment alot in draught technology and other proofing systems.

Anti Graffiti Paint :

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Specialist paint finishes and protective coatings. We stock a range of anti-graffiti paints, coatings, removal products to protect surfaces from vandalism, fly poster attacks, chewing gum soiling and general grime. Along with protective coating products that can give you protection up to 20 years.

Interlocking Floor Tiles : |

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Interlocking floor tiles from Mototile perfect for garages, workshops, warehouses, factories, stores, shops, exhibitions, offices, gyms, utility rooms and more. We stock various colours and pattern designs - Cointop, Diamond Plate or Snakeskin face designs of the interlocking floor tile. Along with providing New PVC or Recycled PVC material tiles. Our main products are the MotoLock a 495 x 495 x 7mm interlocking tile tough enough for warehouse floors and neat enough for exhibitions, offices, home, gyms or retail flooring uses. MotoMat Recycled PVC tile is 470 x 470 x 12mm thick (14mm including embossed design) and excels as anti-fatigue flooring. For indoor or outdoor use, including in standing water. We also supply matching edge ramps, skirting and trims to finish off your flooring project.